Monday, April 15, 2013

February 2013

Jack loves doing anything in the kitchen. 
especially making messes. 
baking soda and vinegar are a favorite.

here he is learning a lesson on where we color (and don't color)

He got a big boy bed for his third birthday and loves it.
he still tells me thanks for it and how much he likes it.

he got some cool Cars sheets to go with it, but we still haven't found a comforter that we both agree on.

this is birthday morning with all the balloons
he thought they were so cool
"are they for me?!"

his new favorite food is anything breakfast so instead of a traditional party we just had a few people over for breakfast. and since he doesn't like cake we had donuts instead. 

there was still plenty of snow to play in

always painting.

this is his first day at his new speech class at Central Cove. 
He goes on Fridays for a few hours. The first time he loved it, then it took him a few weeks to not cry when I dropped him off. But then last week when I dropped him off I didn't even get a hug, let alone a look back, he just ran off into his classroom.
 Guess who's crying now? :)

the one thing about 3 is the mood swings.
no, he's not sick, he's just being a jerk.

i will not get dressed.
"i just want to be naked."

Recently Jack discovered Hot Wheels cars. 
It is almost all we do all day. 
It might have replaced the trains a bit. If only because I got tired
of picking the trains up and put them in the basement. 

Someone let me go to Wal-Mart by myself and I came home with two gold fish.
Derek and Maddie named them Nemo and Marlin. 
This is Marlin. 
About Nemo...

Here he is "getting ready for baby sister"
He is always in the nursery going through her stuff saying he has to get ready. Its really cute that he's so excited. And I'm glad that one of us is nesting, because it sure hasn't hit me. 

We also had a chance to go to the Living Plant Aquarium. 
He hated it. But I think mostly because we went on a Saturday and there was a lot of people. Usually when we go to the museum or library we go during the week and have the place to ourselves so I think he was nervous about all the crowds. 
Derek and Maddie got to go with us too.

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  1. I love the picture with the paint on his toes! You are such a good Mom! What an adventure!


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