Thursday, April 4, 2013

January 2013

Happy boy with early birthday presents

sledding/snowshoeing in the backyard

lots of sleep outs to keep mom company while she sleeps in the recliner
(the only way she gets good sleep lately)

making lots of messes

new quilt from mom
you can't really tell, but they are sock monkeys as santa's helpers

when derek and maddie get here from school they start right on their homework and jack always has to do some too. he likes to read when they do or do worksheets

constructing Valentines

he was very serious about them. and they all had to be perfect.
he would stick and peel off the parts and stick again until they were in the right places.

Maddie had a small birthday celebration

Jack's love of painting soared into high gear

an impromptu nap under the table
and a sneak peek at baby sister

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