Saturday, June 22, 2013

May 2013

Oh! Last day of preschool.
Jack misses it already. He's excited to go back in the fall.
We're not sure yet where he's going to go but we have a few ideas in mind.

Loving Dad

Loving Cora

Loving gardening with Taush. 
Did not love ruining my favorite shirt...

Loving papa!

This months trip to the museum. 
We LOVE going there.

Definitely love fishing. 

Loved getting to meet Grandpa George

Several picnics at the park

Cora one month old with the dog.
If this picture says anything, it shows what the first month with Cora has been like.
She screams and cries and we kinda hover around...

Pool time at Nana's 

Family BBQ at Rachel's

And aren't they cute! 
Both of them asleep (at the same time) and I'm stuck underneath...
This wasn't a very well thought out plan.

Let's end on a high note of sleeping babes:

6 weeks

(that's Tim asleep on the floor and Jack playing cars with him)

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