Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July in Instagram

loving our piano! everyone plays it all the time.
hours a day.

outlaw trail date night
loved loved loved
anything goes

checking out the lightening

undercover chicken
when i went to take this picture he came over and pecked me.
im not kidding

Keira went to the rodeo with us
after she ran home and changed into my outfit!
so cute, such a fun girl

mickey mouse m&m pancakes
yup. coolest mom ever.

bridal shower luau

we grow stuff. 

he was stuck. i had to rescue him.
made me laugh so hard.

hiking at josies

(not saying anything)

he says, "this snake is dying me!"

fishing kids canal

shauna giving jack his first hair cut
well professional hair cut

loved the pam tillis and lorie morgan concert.
love my sister.

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