Thursday, August 8, 2013

June part two

so here are some more pics from our Echo Park picnic.
guess they got split up on the last awesome post :)

Jack is showing Chantel how to pee standing up "like my dad"
hey, if you can get a kid to go potty...

he now refers to Chantel as his 'lady friend' and has even dropped off homemade jam to her

full moon tonight...

we finally got Cora set in the ergo and she has been every where with us. we love hiking and are glad we could go out and about again

we even found some snow!

we took uncle matt and papa tom to the ice cave

Jack can tell these two apart and he clearly doesn't trust the 'fat one'

Jack fell in love with the drive-in movie.
just in time, since it burned down just a few weeks later. :(

don't ask me how this happened. 
didn't think it would be a big deal. and even though I have two more, it is.

Jack showed this to me one morning while uncle matt was visiting. evidently this is what you get if you be quiet and go away! we found out uncle matt likes to sleep in :)

we are setting up a bad habit of a silly rabbit that ends up in my bed at night.

we've also been working on our bucket list.
this is the kids' one.
the adults have there own :)

I can't wait to 'climd the stachu of liberty'! 

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